ZESSTA Tyre Dresser 250ml

ZESSTA Tyre Dresser 250 ml

₹ 150.00₹ 180.00

Price exclusive of tax. Country of Origin: INDIA Tyre dresser is water-repellent, long wearing and as glossy as you want Enjoy dark, rich tyres that look as natural or as glossy For an intense shine, apply two or three coats of Zessta tyre dresser to get long-lasting tyre dressing to each tyre Zessta tyre dresser is glossy but not greasy Zessta tyre dresser helps to restore new look to tyres walls, bumpers, rubber and vinyl floor mats Zessta tyre dresser is ideal for an automobile owner who wishes to keep his or her vehicle clean. Zessta tyre dresser powered by German technology offers super rich shine that does remain for a long period of time. It even helps you in nourishing the tyre to safeguard the fluctuations in tyre temperature at high speeds.

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