ZESSTA Dashboard Polish 250ml

ZESSTA Dashboard Polish 250 ml

₹ 189.00₹ 225.00

Price exclusive of tax. Dashboard polish imparts a durable protective shine to enhance interior and exterior plastics, vinyl, leather and rubber Dashboard polish repels water and dirt and resists stains ZESSTA CAR CARE - WE CARE dashboard polish will prevent drying, cracking and fading caused by exposure to the sun Treated surfaces with dashboard polish will require less cleaning and will remain in good condition ZESSTA CAR CARE - WE CARE dashboard polish is ideal for an automobile owner who wishes to keep his or her vehicle clean. The dashboard polish is powered by German technology and this polish is made up of superb blend of incense and silicones that will help you in keeping your car in good shape. This is a polish which forms a thin transparent coating on the surface and it even safeguards the surface from humidity and dust. You could easily give your dashboard a great finish using this product. Country of Origin: INDIA HSN: 34029019 Manufacturer: Riya Chemy, No.14, Machohalli Gate, Magadi Road, Bangalore - 560091, India. Toll Free: 844 844 9644

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